From Spot to Shot in Seconds

Turns every Tripod into a stable, portable and completely adjustable viewing and shooting platform as easy as 1, 2, 3!



The idea for the Spot-N-Shot Quick Change System and Gun Rest was born on a bitter cold Rocky Mountain October morning.  While hunting mule deer I had glassed the biggest buck I had ever seen on a mountain side across a canyon from me.


Through the trees I could see his antlers reach out to either side of him like wings on a 737.  It only took a glance through the spotting scope to know he was a buck of a lifetime.  I chambered a round in my rifle and started to set up for a shot… except I couldn’t.  No matter how I positioned myself I couldn’t get steady.  The shooting lane I had prevented me from using any of the common positions.  Prone and sitting was too low and kneeling and standing too high.  The small window through the pines kept me hidden but prevented a shot from a solid position.  Any movement to the left or right put the deer out of sight.


A missed shot and regrets are what followed.

Spot-N-Shot Quick Change System and Gun Rest was inspired by that moment.  It has helped me become a more successful hunter and helped build confidence and increase the level of success in friends and family.  Deer, Elk, Antelope and even turkeys have been harvested using our system.


Younger shooters have especially benefited since it helps support the weight of the rifle and allows them to focus on sight picture.


We think the Spot-N-Shot Quick Change System and Gun Rest will help you be more successful too.



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