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QUICK CHANGE SYSTEM – Designed by sportsmen for sportsmen, the Spot-N-Shot Quick Change System turns every tripod into an indispensable hunting accessory!   Simply attaches to your tripod for increased versatility in the field.   Quickly mount and easily change between high power optics or video equipment and the included gun rest. From Spot to Shot in seconds!

• Simple to install and convenient to use.
• Universal Design - Compatible with nearly all optic/video equipment and stand devices.
• Oversized Locking Knob - Designed for quick and easy use, even while wearing gloves.
• Safety Catch - Greatly reduces the risk of accidental adapter release.
• Locking Angle - Ensures proper adapter to frame installation and a rock solid mount.
• Heavy Duty Construction - Weather proof and nearly indestructible.

GUN REST ATTACHMENT - At the range or in the field, a stable shooting platform can mean the difference between success and failure.

The SPOT-N-SHOT Gun Rest mounts easily to your tripod using the patented SPOT-N-SHOT Quick Change System.  It provides hunters and shooting enthusiasts the ability to take a fully adjustable and stable shooting rest with them anywhere they go.  The Spot-N-Shot Quick Change System turns any tripod into an indispensable hunting and shooting accessory!

• Great teaching aid and confidence booster for young and beginning shooters.
• Improves gun stability when shooting from any position.
• Soft flexible construction will not damage gun finishes.
• Allows for infinite adjustment of shooting position.
• Compact and light weight, fits easily in a pocket or pack.
• Perfect for Big game, Turkey, Varmint and Predator hunting.

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